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Wall Street Journal: Trump’s Legal Drama is the Last Straw for Many Former Trump Voters

Wall Street Journal: Trump’s Legal Drama is the Last Straw for Many Former Trump Voters

Let’s start with a story by The Wall Street Journal about a group of dejected Republicans who met in a Milwaukee tavern just hours after Donald Trump was arrested to commiserate on last Tuesday’s hard-fought race for a seat on the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

Two men involved in the local GOP fought a heated battle as the clock neared midnight. Randy Marquardt was the party chairman in Washington County. He said one side was loyal to Donald Trump, while the other said it was time for the party’s 2024 presidential nominee to be chosen.

“It got ugly, and people eventually went to their separate ways to go home,” said Mr. Marquardt. “The other guy claimed that Trump brought too much baggage. But there are still a few people who are 100% in support of Trump.”

Marquardt voted twice for the former president and says it is time to move on.

Let’s close the loop on Wisconsin Supreme Court’s loss. This was the first time the court has been flipped to a liberal majority in 15 years.

Janet Protasiewicz, Democrat-backed, defeated Daniel Kelly, giving Democrat supported judges the majority on critical issues such as abortion, disputed elections and such. We suggested in March that the Wisconsin spring election could have been the most important of 2023.

Kelly didn’t ask Trump for his endorsement. Trump did not endorse Kelly, however, he posted on Truth Social.

Daniel Kelly, Wisconsin, just lost his Supreme Court Election. He claimed he wouldn’t seek Trump’s Endorsement so I didn’t give it to him–which guaranteed his defeat. How foolish is it to not seek an Endorsement which would have won him the Election!

In other words, Trump made Kelly’s loss and the conservative majority of the Wisconsin Supreme Court about Trump.

Trump’s arrest and indictment for 34 felonies related to purported hush-payments to Stormy Daniels, has further fuelled the fires in some Republican quarters across America over whether it’s time to move on from the former president.

The Wall Street Journal headline aforementioned-linked article — a far cry form the left-wing New York Times and Washington Post, CNN and MSNBC — reads: Legal drama is the latest reason to move on for some Trump voters. In its subhead, the WSJ noted:

Independents are key to reclaiming the White House. They show signs they want a different Republican nominee in 2024 Contest

Trump loyalists are just as indicted and arrested over the former president’s arrest as ever — which is a foregone conclusion in any so-called “witch hunting” Trump faces. However, a Marist Poll has found that more than 61% of Americans (61%) don’t want Trump to become president again. Only 38% of those polled wanted Trump to win in 2024.

64 percent of independent voters, who are naysayers among them, don’t want Trump in the White House again.

More information is available at the WSJ

Trump suggested that the indictment has helped his political standing. He wrote Wednesday that his poll numbers were better than ever, nearly $10 million was raised for the Campaign,” via his social-media platform.

Although the indictment may be a boost for Mr. Trump’s core supporters it will not help him reach the centrist voters he needs to reclaim his White House. CNN released a poll last week that showed 62% of independents approve the indictment. Democrats were almost unanimous in their approval, while Republicans were largely disapproving.

Lee M. Miringoff is Director of the Marist College Institute for Public Opinion.

Despite multiple allegations of wrongdoing against Trump, it is striking that while Republicans continue to back him, white evangelical Christians don’t support him as strongly. Republicans agree that Trump has done nothing illegal, even though it may not have been perfect.

It’s not surprising that Mr. Miringoff made this observation. Here’s the thing though:

Bias is not solely the property of the Republican Party. It is based on predisposed political positions. As the walls around Joe Biden continue to crumble, Joe Biden is lying to his face in the Biden Family Business scandal. If either of Trump’s sons were to engage in a tenth as many nefarious activities as Hunter, Biden’s crackhead son and son, the leftist lapdog media might have burst into hyperbolic histrionics every day. The list goes on.

Hypocrisy is just that — and the fact that neither side sees the other is what I find amusing about it.

However, in 2024, presidential elections were often decided by independents and swing voters, fence-leaners and cross-over votes — not just by reliable voters from either party.

It might be a good idea to keep that reality in mind for the wise.

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