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Uber CEO Takes the Road as a Driver

Uber CEO Takes the Road as a Driver

Uber CEO Takes the Road as a Driver

Dara Khosrowshahi was the Uber CEO. He went undercover and ferried riders. This secret venture was carried out in San Francisco by Dara Khosrowshahi to understand and address issues faced both by Uber drivers and delivery agents. The CEO was punished for refusing rides during this phase.

He has also been tip-baited by Uber users and faced many other difficulties, which helped him to understand the daily challenges drivers and agents face. Dara’s experience has led him to make several significant changes to Uber’s operations.

What Motivated Khosrowshahi To Start the Stint

All of this was triggered when Uber faced a severe shortage in drivers in the United States in 2021. During the global pandemic the number of riders on ride-hailing services was higher than the number of drivers. This led to increased wait times and higher prices. Khosrowshahi was constantly under pressure by investors to deliver greater profits.

To address this problem, the CEO set aside $250,000,000 to reward drivers with additional bonuses. The trick didn’t work because the extra money was not enough to retain the drivers.

Only a few drivers could access the critical information ahead of time with high acceptance rates.

Khosrowshahi focused his efforts on identifying issues with Uber’s policies, and product design. He discovered that both drivers and delivery agents have to sign up for Uber.

He created an easy-to-use sign-up process that allows gig workers switch between food delivery and passenger transport to resolve the problem.

Khosrowshahi also discovered that drivers were not given the drop locations of riders. They would be given an estimate payment before they accepted a trip.

The Corrections

Khosrowshahi, a driver, realized how frustrating this can be. Khosrowshahi urged his team to speed up the timetable for all US drivers so they would know where they were going.

Khosrowshahi encountered tip-baiting situations when he tried the delivery segment. Customers used to promise a higher tip but when the order was delivered, they pay a significantly lower amount.

Uber tried to resolve this issue by removing the option of changing the tip amount after delivery, but most customers began to avoid tips holistically.

Khosrowshahi, along with his team, are still trying to find a solution to this problem. Uber must do more to attract drivers and food delivery operators, says Khosrowshahi.

The company’s unjust treatment gig workers and drivers from different parts of the world has been criticized for a while.

Many people have called for fair pay and better policies. Khosrowshahi was inspired by all of this to get out there and find the problem. Khosrowshahi began his journey as an Uber driver. He bought a second-hand Tesla to do the job and gave himself a pseudonym, Dave K.

Khosrowshahi acknowledged that he has made significant improvements to address the issues he faced while driving, but that there are still many miles to go.

According to the CEO, his company had a fundamental overhaul in how it built its product. It had to do it quickly in order to beat the competition, and to maintain Uber’s trustworthiness with its drivers and delivery partners.

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