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Twitter to Get Away with the “Blue Tick” Classic


Twitter Verified confirmed in a tweet that it would begin removing its legacy blue tick after April 2023. Accounts with the legacy Blue tick are seeing a pop up saying, “This account is legacy verified.” It could be noticeable.

We will soon remove all legacy blue checks. They were given out in a corrupt and nonsensical manner.Elon Musk

Elon Musk suggested in December that Twitter was working on a plan for getting rid of these blue ticks. The plan was finally announced with the recent announcement.

Twitter has now launched a “Twitter Blue” subscription for $8 per month. This includes fewer ads and the ability to undo or edit tweets, prioritized rank, and, of course, the blue tick.

The account’s status will determine whether the blue ticks are given away for free. Instead, anyone who pays $8 per month can have the tick next their Twitter handle.

Accounts with a blue tick will only be able to purchase it after the legacy tick has retired.

The blue tick used to mean two things in the past. The tick could have been a legacy, passed on by Twitter in the pre-Elon era. It could have also been a bought one.

Musk’s decision in boosting Twitter’s revenue is the core of all decisions surrounding the blue tick. Musk has set a goal to achieve 50% of Twitter’s total subscription revenue. This would require Twitter to make $196.66 millions per month, which would translate to 24.6 million paying customers. This seems like a daunting task for Twitter Blue.

Other Twitter Ticks

Twitter introduced additional verification ticks in addition to the blue tick to distinguish accounts.

The gold tick is an account that belongs a business or organization. This is part of Twitter’s Blue for Business plan. Subscribers to the plan have the ability to link any number of Twitter accounts to their company. Individual accounts can be distinguished by companies by assigning square logos.

The Grey tick marks can be applied to “some other public figures”, such journalists, politicians, and others. Joe Biden (POTUS), currently wears the grey tick on Twitter.

Twitter also released several badges for US election candidates, state-affiliated media, and government accounts.

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