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Trump’s smiley mug shot would not be a political first

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If he is charged with criminal offenses, former President Donald Trump could learn from Tom Delay.

In 2005, Mr. Delay was indicted on charges of money laundering. He shook off tradition and took the offensive in the most basic of ways: flashing a bright-eyed smile on his mug shot.

Former Texas Governor. Former Texas Governor Rick Perry used a similar approach in 2014. He delivered a well-coiffed, smiling mugshot. Both cases were dropped after the Republican politicians were acquitted.

According to reports, Trump is interested in doing the same and would welcome the opportunity to go on a perp walk. He also plans to show off his pearly whites for the cameras.

He is also said to want to be arraigned at the New York City Courthouse with his hands behind his back.

Kevin Madden, a former House majority leader’s spokesman, claimed that his former boss was able capitalize on what was “a very politically charged effort by the attorney down there in Texas as well as Democrats up in Washington.”

He explained to The Washington Times that one of the scalps they wanted was an image of their political opponent. “What we sought to do there — and a lot was Tom’s thinking too — is don’t give them anything they want.” It was his idea to smile and deny what our enemies wanted when he went through the process.

It was even more bizarre that Mr. Delay’s lawyer wanted to share the new photo with the media immediately. Mr. Madden recalls repeatedly telling reporters that he would try to find the photographer to take his family’s Christmas picture.

He said, “Everyone was like this is a great photograph.”

Mr. Delay was not charged with money laundering.

The world is eager to see if Donald Trump will be indicted for falsifying business records in order to conceal hush money payments to Stormy Daniels.

Manhattan’s grand jury has been hearing evidence for months, and could be facing charges as soon as this week.

This situation has opened up floodgates for a tsunami of news reports and, according Trump world, fake news.

According to The New York Times, Trump seemed unaware of the gravity of the situation and told his associates that he would be open to the idea of going on a perp walk in the light of the media. He is thought to be contemplating smiling for the cameras as a defiance act if given the chance.

The Guardian reported that Trump’s 76-year old son wants to be handcuffed at his court appearance, citing sources close to him.

It is not clear, however, if Mr. Trump would be subjected to perp walk or if law enforcement officials would have a different plan for him being taken through the booking process.

The reports were ignored by Mr. Trump’s advisors.

Jason Miller, an email sent to The Washington Times, stated that “The president is busy winning right now, and I don’t know what he has in store for the future,”

According to Mr. Madden, Delay’s situation is similar to what Donald Trump could experience in the sense that both sides will try to make it work for their benefit. He said that the scenarios are vastly differing because of the dominance and influence of social media in our culture today.

“I think that the unique thing about our approach back then was that in that news environment the instinct from a communication standpoint was to minimize [the arrest and mugshot] He said, “Make sure the story is published late and do it on Friday.” “What was a major departure was to own it and remove any advantage. [our political opponents] had.”

He said, “It completely fizzled out.”

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