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Trump Sues Michael Cohen For Half a Billion

Trump Sues Michael Cohen For Half a Billion


The lawyer who paid Stormy Daniels $130,000 in hush funds is causing the former president “vast reputational damage”.

Donald Trump is In retaliation for Cohen’s role in the criminal case against him, Trump is suing Michael Cohen, his former attorney. In a suit filed Wednesday, Trump accuses Cohen of violating attorney client privilege and seeks $500 million in damages for “breaches in fiduciary duty and unjust enrichment, transformation and breaches of contract”.

Cohen was convicted of many felonies in 2018. This included “unlawful contributions” to Trump’s campaign in the form hush money. Cohen, despite taking the fall for the payment and testifying in the criminal case against Trump regarding the payment, pointed the finger at Trump.

Cohen is accused of spreading “falsehoods” about Cohen in his former role as attorney. [Trump] With malicious intent and to wholly selfish ends.” Trump’s lawyers claim that Trump suffered “vast reputational damage” as a result. [Cohen’s] breaches.”

The former president pleaded guilty to 34 counts of falsification business records in connection to the Daniels payment. Trump later reimbursed Cohen for the six-figure payment he made through a shell company. Cohen is expected to testify in the case against Trump by Alvin Bragg, Manhattan District Attorney.


The former attorney provided documents and a separate hush-money payment to the prosecutors. Playboy model Karen McDougal. “Michael Cohen provided a lot documentation, not just to this group of prosecutors but also to the earlier group. In an interview with CNN earlier this month, Cohen’s lawyer said that there are also documents from other people and testimony from other persons, some of which involves conversations with Mr. Trump about the Karen McDougal crime.

As reported previously by Rolling Stone, Trump has already started to plot his revenge against the prosecutors in the case. It seems that those revenge plans are expanding to include witnesses who will be testifying against him. Although the trial is not expected move forward until January 2019, Trump and his cronies have been working overtime to gather as much dirt as possible.

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