Home Trump Trump raised over $4 million within 24 hours of his indictment

Trump raised over $4 million within 24 hours of his indictment

Trump raised over $4 million within 24 hours of his indictment


According to his campaign figures, former President Donald Trump raised over $4 million within 24 hours of news of his Manhattan indictment becoming public.

Trump’s campaign stated that more than 25% of donations were from former presidents, “solidifying President Trump as the clear frontrunner in Republican primary.”

Trump’s campaign sent more than a dozen fundraising solicitations via email within 24 hours of his indictment. He also called for donations through his Truth Social platform.

NBC News was also informed by a campaign official that 16,000 volunteers had signed up in the past day.

Two sources familiar with the proceedings said that Trump faces around 30 charges related to document fraud stemming out of hush money he allegedly spent to cover up years-old affairs. NBC News received the news of Trump’s indictment. The indictment remains sealed until Trump appears in court to face his arraignment.


His fundraising emails had the following subject lines: “America needs you right away,” “BREAKING PRESIDENT TRUMP INDICTED,” and “RUMORED INFOS OF MY ARREST”.

Trump wrote on Truth Social: “If your doing poorly, like so many of you, don’t send anything.”

He wrote, “If you’re doing well, which was made possible by the great policies of Trump Administration, please send your contribution to donaldjtrump.com.”

Initially, after Trump’s 2024 bid was launched in November, Trump’s campaign struggled to raise funds; he raised $9.5 million in the past six weeks through the campaign and a joint committee.

Trump wasn’t alone in using the news to make some extra cash. Many other Republicans and Democrats also sent out solicitations to their supporters.

Potential 2024 rivals and Senate candidates have jumped to Trump’s defense and criticised the indictment.

A national Republican strategist stated that national GOP campaign groups have seen an increase in digital fundraising since Trump’s indictment.

This person stated that they have seen a huge increase in digital fundraising as a result. “This is a hot topic.

Quinnipiac University released Wednesday’s survey, which found that 93% of Republicans viewed the Manhattan investigation as motivated by politics and 72% of independent voters viewed it as primarily motivated by the law.

The same survey also found that 53% independent voters believe that Trump should be disqualified for felony charges. Only 20% of Republicans believed that.


Allan Smith

Allan Smith is a political journalist for NBC News.

Dasha Burns

Dasha Burns, a NBC News NOW correspondent, covers politics and social issues.

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