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Today in Crypto: Coinbase Ends Support for Signature Bank’s Signet and MetaMask & MoonPay Partnerships in Nigeria, India to Hit 156M Users This Year, Xapo Bank Incorporates USDC Payment Rails

Today in Crypto: Coinbase Ends Support for Signature Bank’s Signet and MetaMask & MoonPay Partnerships in Nigeria, India to Hit 156M Users This Year, Xapo Bank Incorporates USDC Payment Rails

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Crypto news Exchange news

  • Coinbase According to reports, the support for crypto-friendly has been withdrawn Signature Bank‘s Signet Payment platform until further notice. According to The Wall Street Journal, the company is currently looking for a new technology provider. Signet will be awaiting clarification. Coinbase Exchange offers crypto deposits, withdrawals and conversions from USDC into USD 24 hours a day. Although not ideal, this indicates a need to update the financial system,” a Coinbase spokesperson said.

Crypto news Payments news

  • The MetaMask wallet has expanded its partnership with a payment company MoonPay Web3 company in Nigeria will allow users to buy crypto directly from wallets. ConsenSys Today’s announcement. Users in Nigeria can now buy crypto using instant bank transfers through the MetaMask mobile or Portfolio Dapp. The announcement stated that users will be able to “obtain crypto more efficiently without setting-up a crypto exchange account.”
  • Australian stablecoin wallet Stables Announced a collaboration with the card issuing platform Marqeta With Mastercard According to a press release, customers will be able to convert their stablecoins into fiat currency. Customers can also use it wherever Mastercard is accepted. Stables will work with a third party in order to allow customers to save USDC and spend it. The USDC will then be converted to fiat currency and settled on Mastercard’s network. The digital Stables app will allow you to access the card via mobile wallets.

Crypto news Adoption news

  • According to a report by The Indian Crypto Users Association, India will have more than 156 million users of crypto in 2023, five-fold more than the US. BitcoinCasinos.com. The country has three-times more crypto users than the US and Japan combined. Crypto is expected to account worldwide for nearly $43bn in transactions this year, an increase of 24% over $34.3bn a previous year. The report stated that more than half of this value will be from the US.

Crypto news Banking news

  • Bitcoin custodian and licensed bank Xapo Bank It said it had partnered with USDC issuer Circle To become the first bank licensed to integrate the USDC stablecoin payments rails as an option to SWIFT. According to the announcement, the bank will add outrails to its existing USDC ramps to “enable members to bypass costly, time-consuming SWIFT payments and instead deposit or withdraw via the stablecoin without any fees charged by Xapo Bank.” The bank offers a 1:1 conversion from USDC to USD and a 4.1% annual return on deposits.

Crypto news Regulation news

  • The Financial Supervisory Commission of Taiwan The United Daily News reported that (FSC) will be the primary regulator for cryptocurrencies in the country. It was cited by chairman Huang Tienmu.

Crypto news DeFi news

  • NEAR Community Launched the NEAR Digital Collective Special Purpose Trust (The NDC Trust) With support from NEAR Foundationa Swiss nonprofit that supports the development of the NEAR ProtocolA press release stated that. It stated that the NDC Trust would allow ecosystem participants to access Guernsey’s Special Purpose Trust framework. This will enable them to benefit from a decentralised community treasurery that operates in an adaptable but risk-mitigated way and helps to democratise governance between stakeholders. It added that the Guernsey Special Purpose Trust framework helps to provide clarity to participants in decentralized autonomous organisations (DAOs), in terms of liability, off chain transactions, and tax.

Crypto news Gaming news

  • Payment processor ZEBEDEE Blockchain-based gaming tournament platform Dubbz Today, Dubbz announced a partnership to offer BTC rewards. They stated that the move, in conjunction with ZEBEDEE’s existing services, makes it easy for anyone, including those who participate in tournaments, to earn real-money prizes and use their prizes to save money or shop. The partnership will be launched with a Fortnite Tournament on March 31st, while additional ZEBEDEE-powered Dubbz tournaments are being announced in the near future.

Crypto news Investment news

  • AurosIn a round of funding led by trading firm,, a crypto-native algorithmic trading platform and market-making company, raised $17 Million Vivienne CourtParticipation from a Nasdaq-listed digital assets mining company Bit Digital, Trovio, Primal Capital, and a group of senior alums OptiverThe announcement stated that. It stated that Auros would also use the funds to expand its Derivatives Solutions business. This is where projects, decentralized autonomous organisations (DAOs), miners and accredited institutions can access yield, protection, and participation structures from trusted, market-leading providers.

Crypto news Mining news

  • Bitcoin miner TeraWulf It was deployed Bitmain Miners to fill the nuclear-powered reactor’s 50 MW capacity Nautilus Bitcoin mining facility. According to the press release the company has just begun mining operations at Nautilus. It expects to have its full share of phase one of the facility online by May. TeraWulf will also expand mining operations at its wholly owned subsidiary. Lake Mariner New York, USA facility with the addition of Building 2. This will increase the facility’s operational capability, it said.

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