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Today in Crypto: Bitpanda Partners With Visa, Near Joins Hands With WEMADE, Ethereum Based Decentralized RPC Goes live

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Crypto news Payments news

  • Bitpanda It announced its partnership with Visa Bitpanda Technology Solutions has joined Visa’s Fintech Partner Connect. This partnership will give Visa’s partners access to Bitpanda’s complete investment infrastructure solutions. This allows banks, financial institutions, and fintechs to offer trading and investment services for various asset classes, such as Crypto, Stocks/ETFs and Precious metals and Commodities to their customers quickly,” said the press release. It also stated that Bitpanda Technology Solutions will expand its investment infrastructure beyond Europe.

Crypto news Blockchain news

  • The NEAR Blockchain and the creator of the Blockchain Operating System (BOS) has announced a strategic partnership to blockchain gaming company WEMADE to support the development and deployment of blockchain apps in Korea, and other countries. Near and WEMADE announced that they will support each other’s initiatives to increase brand awareness, collaborate on cross-chain research and collaboration, host more community events such as hackathons and boot camps, and scout potential Web3 business opportunities. They will also foster the next generation Web3 developers.

Crypto news DeFi news

  • DRPCA decentralized Ethereum-based RPC (remote protocol call) network, launched today. It “enhances security reliability and cost-efficiency for Web3 project of all sizes,” according to a press release. An RPC is a communication protocol that decentralized apps (dapps), use to communicate and transfer information, such as transaction details, to and from blockchains. Currently, DRPC supports projects built on Ethereum. It will soon expand to other EVM-based networks. Arbitrum, Polygon, BSC, Optimism It will continue to grow in the future.
  • Quasar Finance It launched its mainnet, which introduced a dedicated digital asset manager blockchain that allows investors to manage their Decentralized Finance (DeFi) investments across multiple chains. This was enabled by the Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol (IBC). According to the press release, Quasar allows investors to deposit funds in vaults that are optimized for use across multiple blockchains. This is a follow-up to Quasar’s recent $5.4million bridge round. The team has raised more that $11.5 million from investors, as Polychain Capital, Blockchain Capital, Shima Capital.

Crypto news Investment news

  • BH DigitalThe crypto arm of hedge fund manager Alan Howard, ”, raised $9 million from investors to fund its liquid token strategy. Nova Digital Opportunities Fund, launched in 2022. According to a regulatory filing, the fund has three investors.

Crypto news Wallet news

  • Crypto lender Nexo For the second consecutive year, he was awarded “Best Cryptocurrency wallet” in the annual FinTech Breakthrough Awards. Independent market intelligence organization conducts the awards program. FinTech breakthroughAccording to the press release, it was. It added that the award was made “in the midst of some of the most difficult times of late for central entities in the space digital assets space, and serves as a true testament Nexo’s commitment adapting to market needs with flexible solutions that are user-oriented.”

Crypto news Gaming news

  • Immutable Games, a Web3 gaming publisher and the gaming-focused arm Immutable, announced new partnerships — with three studios Bazooka Tango, Bit Fry Game Studios, Studio 369 The press release stated that the goal was to “expand its web3 game family of high-quality web3 games.”

Crypto news Metaverse news

  • Meta platform RLTY Announced a partnership with Ready Player Me, a cross-platform avatar builder. Ready Player Me integration will allow RLTY users create and personalize a new avatar, or import an existing one from Ready Player Me’s website. The team has created 30 pre-designed avatars for both full- and half-body, from professional to cyberpunk, to simplify the process.

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