Home Scandals Sandoval reportedly brought Raquel to Missouri before their Cheating Scandal

Sandoval reportedly brought Raquel to Missouri before their Cheating Scandal

Sandoval reportedly brought Raquel to Missouri before their Cheating Scandal


An open secret? Tom Sandoval And Raquel Leviss He reportedly made a trip with a couple to their hometown months before their affair became famous.

According to TMZ, Sandoval, who is 40, and Leviss (28), were photographed posing in front the Apotheosis in St. Louis in a December 2022 snap. According to TMZ, Sandoval’s family refused to meet Leviss during his Missouri visit.

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Even though TomTom co-owner said he was going to end his relationship with his long-term girlfriend, Ariana MadixHis loved ones were not thrilled that he brought Leviss.

Three months after Sandoval’s and Leviss’ trip to Missouri, Us Weekly His infidelity led to Madix’s 37-year-old divorce. According to Us, they had been having problems for a while. However, things “only reached a breaking point” after the Florida native discovered that her ex-boyfriend was unfaithful to Leviss.

The bar owner broke his silence about his personal life to defend his businesses Vanderpump Rules Fans shared their disapproval of the establishments. Later, he issued a separate apology to Madix.

scandals Details: Tom Sandoval reportedly brought Raquel Leviss to Missouri to visit his parents before their cheating scandal:

Tom Sandoval Image Press Agency/NurPhoto/Shutterstock (

“I want first and foremost to apologize to all those I’ve hurt during this process. He wrote via Instagram, “I want to most importantly apologize to Ariana.” “I made mistakes, was selfish, and made reckless decisions that caused harm to someone I love. That pain should never be felt so publicly and traumatically.

He also admitted that he had done it more recently. Howie Mandel He first kissed Leviss in summer 2022. “We just kissed. It was magnetic,” he said on Tuesday, April 11, during the “Howie Mandel Does Stuff Podcast”. “I felt something I hadn’t felt in so many years emotionally.

Leviss also took to social media to discuss where Madix and she stand right now. She wrote the following message via Instagram: “I want to apologize to my actions and my decisions foremost to Ariana, as well as to my friends and fans so invested in our relationship,” she wrote. “There is no excuse. I am not a victim. I must own up to my actions and I deeply regretted hurting Ariana.

Recently, Sandoval admitted that he regretted the way his connection to Leviss was revealed. According to Sandoval, “Hindsight is always 20/20.” The reality star spoke out to TMZ on March 27. “Like, if we look back at a situation, we can see all the things that could have been done differently.”

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The friend of the Tom Sandoval and Most Extras band member Tom Schwartz He also provided more information about when he discovered the affair. “I discovered about the affair in August. After the August one-night stand, it was, from my point, an emotional affair.” Schwartz, 40, who dated Leviss in August 2022 following his split, said that he learned about the affair in August. Katie MaloneyOn Andy Cohen Live: Watch What Happens Wednesday, April 5. “Which is still inappropriate, but I didn’t think it was linear. [Then] In January, he visited me and said that he was in love Raquel.

The Minnesota native said, “He doesn’t realize the negative impact it has had on his other ventures.” Businesses, bars, and the band. … He’s addicted. It’s the infatuation of all infatuations. … Raquel is Tom’s heroine.”

scandals From Katie to Andy:

Schwartz said that he doesn’t think Sandoval or Leviss will make it this far.

He concluded, “I think it will be a miracle for them if they do it.” Their relationship is, you can see, they care so much about one another but, in the short time they’ve been together, it’s become toxic. It’s not sustainable, I’m afraid. It’s already toxic enough as it is. Then you add in the fact that the entire nation thinks you guys are scumbags. It’s just too much for me, but we’ll see what happens if love prevails.

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Us Weekly For comment, we reached out to Sandoval’s representative.

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