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Lawsuit against Fox exposes the news behind Trump’s news

Lawsuit against Fox exposes the news behind Trump’s news

Trump news

Dominion Voting Systems’ $1.6 Billion defamation suit against Fox News is producing lots of behind-the scenes news about what executives and personalities thought about Donald Trump

NEW YORK — New revelations from a major defamation suit shed light on Fox News’s activities after the 2020 presidential election. Here are some facts about the case.


Dominion Voting Systems sued Fox for $1.6 Billion. They claim that Fox repeatedly reported allegations that Dominion Voting Systems engaged in fraud that cost President Donald Trump his re-election bid, even though they knew these were false. Fox claims it was reporting newsworthy allegations made by supporters of President Trump and is legally supported by libel standards. The case will be tried next month.


Dominion has presented evidence that Fox’s top executives knew the fraud allegations were false, even though they and their allies were given airtime. Fox’s Sean Hannity stated in a deposition that he didn’t believe the fraud claims “for a second”, but he wanted to allow accusers to present evidence. Rupert Murdoch, Fox founder, was questioned under oath and said that the 2020 presidential election was free-and-fair. Murdoch also stated that he knew that some Fox commentators, Lou Dobbs and Maria Bartiromo, Jeanine Pirro, and Hannity, had made false claims at times, but he did not stop them.


According to court papers, Fox is deeply concerned about the impact of its election night call claiming that Democrat Joe Biden had defeated Trump in Arizona’s battleground state. This call was correct. Fox beat its rivals on this call, but it angered Trump and many Fox viewers who began to tune in to rival conservative media outlets like Newsmax. The call made so many people uncomfortable at Fox, that Bret Baier, a Fox news anchor, suggested it be overturned and Arizona added to Trump’s column. The Washington executive responsible for the declaration stood firm and was proved right. He was then paid with his job two month later.


Fox relied on a doctrine called libel law, which was in effect since a 1964 U.S. Supreme Court decision that made it difficult for plaintiffs prove defamation. Public figures like Dominion fit that standard in this case. They must prove that the information reported was inaccurate and that the news organization acted with “reckless disregard” as to whether it was true or false. Fox claims Dominion cannot prove its case. However, some First Amendment advocates believe the company has a strong argument. They fear that a long legal battle could give the Supreme Court the opportunity to alter libel laws that would reduce protection for all media.


Trump seems to have taken an active interest in the case, as evident by his social media posts. He is always concerned about loyalty and has a long grudge over the Arizona call. He expressed anger at the revelations in the case that Fox employees not only didn’t support his fraud allegations, but also privately disregarded them. Some people believed they were involved in private conversations with Trump, including Tucker Carlson, who in January 2021 said that Trump was “a hateful person.”


After extensive reviews of multiple battleground states in which Trump lost, federal and state election officials conducted thorough reviews and Trump’s attorney General found no widespread fraud that could have affected the outcome of the 2020 elections. They also did not find any evidence that the vote had been tampered with. Many courts, including those he appointed, have rejected Trump’s claims of fraud.

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GOP senators call on Secret Service to release Biden visitor logs

GOP senators call on Secret Service to release Biden visitor logs


Sens. Sens.

Kimberly Cheatle, Secret Service Director, was sent a letter by Mr. Johnson of Wisconsin to Mr. Grassley from Iowa. They stated that the records were necessary for their investigation into the finding of classified material at those locations.

“After decades of working in Washington, Joe Biden is well-versed in how classified information should be handled. But he doesn’t believe that the rules and laws apply. In a statement, Mr. Johnson stated that the public deserves an accounting of all individuals who may have had access these classified records.

Senators asked Ms. Cheatle to provide “a complete and complete list” listing all individuals who entered the locations where classified information was found.

This request comes just one day after James Comer (Kentucky Republican) asked that the Secret Service turn over all documents and communications from Mr. Biden’s home.

Retired vice presidents are not required to have Secret Service protection after they leave office. However, Mr. Biden was covered by Secret Service protection as a presidential candidate, and then as president. This would have some overlap with the time that the documents were kept at his residence.

Since his election, Mr. Biden made 52 trips to Wilmington, totaling 164 days.

Anthony Guglielmi, Secret Service spokesperson, said last week that the agency doesn’t track who visits and leaves Mr. Biden’s home as it is private.

Days later, Mr. Guglielmi reversibled his position and admitted that the Secret Service has information about who visited Mr. Biden at Wilmington.

He stated that the Secret Service generates criminal justice and law enforcement information records for individuals who come in contact with Secret Service-protected websites.

The White House has released visitor logs, but not from Mr. Biden’s Wilmington home or Rehoboth Beach vacation house.

Visitor logs for presidential residences have been traditionally made public, but former President Donald Trump didn’t release records for his White House or other residences.

The Secret Service responded to a Freedom of Information Act request by The New York Post last autumn. They stated that the search for visitor logs had “produced no responsive records”.

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Trump news

Trump news

Trump news

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Donald Trump, former president, claimed that Ron DeSantis’ victory as Florida Governor in 2018 was only possible because the then-congressman begged for his endorsement with tears.

He is widely expected to announce his candidacy for the GOP presidential nomination in 2024. Mr DeSantis won re-election easily over Charlie Crist, a former Democratic Representative and former GOP governor. His former ally, Mr Trump, is the only GOP candidate for this election and has previously claimed credit to Mr DeSantis for his political successes.

Speaking during an appearance Hugh Hewitt Show On Thursday, Mr Trump suggested that Mr DeSantis was trailing his 2018 GOP primary opponent in polls before he received Mr Trump’s endorsement.

“He was dead. He was leaving the race… and he begged for my endorsement,” he stated. Later, he added that the Florida gubernatorial nominee had “tears falling from his eyes”.

Trump claimed that Adam Putnam, the Florida governor’s primary opponent in 2018, had a “large lead”. However, polls from the same period showed Mr DeSantis comfortably ahead.

The twice-impeached ex president has a long history in describing encounters that he had with teary-eyed men. All of them praised him in lavish terms.

There is no evidence to support the claims that the stories following this template are true. Reporters covering Mr Trump’s 2020 campaign often noted that Trump’s description of crying men was a strong indicator of his fabrications.

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