Home Tech NatWest supports tech training of displaced Ukrainian women

NatWest supports tech training of displaced Ukrainian women

NatWest supports tech training of displaced Ukrainian women

Claude Wangen – stock.adobe.com (19659001]NatWest bank joins scheme for tech training of displaced Ukrainian women in Scotland

By Karl Flinders
Chief journalist and senior editor EMEA

Publication: April 20, 2023 15:15

Some of the women who are being trained will have the opportunity to work for NatWest Group’s Royal Bank of Scotland.

The bank has partnered up with Capital City Partnership, which promotes employment growth in Edinburgh, as well as Code First Girls to offer the programme that aims to give displaced women opportunities in software engineering and coding.

NatWest will sponsor 60 women to take introductory classes in technology. Ten women will complete the Code First Girls degree. If they pass the training, they will be offered a permanent position at the bank as software engineers.

Wincie Wong is the head of workforce technical capability Digital X for NatWest. She said that the initiative is part the bank’s commitment towards supporting Ukrainian families.[We] Wong stated that many of the women are highly qualified engineers, lecturers, and mathematicians, but have to work in lower-paid jobs once they arrive in the UK.

“We know that only 23% of all digital technology jobs in Scotland are filled by women so we need to increase the gender diversity of this sector. Wong said that it was logical for us to offer more opportunities for these people to find work in one of the most important areas of the bank.

Anna Brailsford is the CEO of Code First Girls. She stated that empowering women in tech “can help build a more diverse industry that is better able to meet today’s demands and innovate for tomorrow.”

Ukraine has a lot of IT talent and entrepreneurship. The country’s IT industry has been resilient to the Russian invasion and continues to grow.

According the IT Ukraine Association, the IT export value from Russia’s invasion in February last year to December ended up at $6bn. This is 10% more than in 2001.

The IT sector employs nearly 290,000 people in Ukraine. IT exports account for 3.5% of Ukraine’s GDP and 37.8% in total services exports in 2021. Many IT professionals who have been displaced are now trading in Europe.

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