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Janice Dickinson stole Donald Trump’s limousine to go on a date at JFK Jr.

Janice Dickinson stole Donald Trump’s limousine to go on a date at JFK Jr.


April 7, 2023 |

It sounds like a stretch.

Janice Dickinson claims that she once commandeered Donald Trump’s limousine to go on dinner dates with John F. Kennedy Jr.

Dickinson, 68 revealed that he once stole Trump’s limousine, but he didn’t know it was his limousine, in a Queerty interview published Friday.

The supermodel explained that she was driving to John F. Kennedy Jr.’s for dinner, but couldn’t get a taxi because of the snowstorm that had struck New York.

Dickinson remembered, “A Nor’easter they called it.” “There weren’t any taxi cabs. I sat there trying to find a taxi for several hours in the cold, and there was none.

trump Janice Dickinson younger.
The supermodel claimed she couldn’t find a taxi so she stole a limousine.
trump Donald Trump in 1987.
Dickinson claimed that she learned the limo belonged Trump. She was seen here in 1987 when it was all the news.
Getty Images

The “America’s Next Top Model” alum said that she saw a limousine parked nearby, and she jumped in the driver’s chair while her friend sat in the back.

Dickinson stated, “I drove it down the street, swerving and making fishtails in street, and there was no one on road.” It was a real storm.

Dickinson was determined to meet JFK Jr. despite the dangers.

“Yes, he is divine. Kennedy was indeed kissed by her, she admitted.

trump Donald Trump in his limousine
Dickinson joked that Trump could take her ride because it has been more than 10 years since she was born.
Toronto Star via Getty Images

Dickinson explained that she didn’t discover that the limo that she stole belonged Trump until the next morning.

Dickinson stated that Dickinson was an honest thief in every American newspaper. He also said that the headlines for the next day reported that there were “millions worth of fur coats, fax machines, and jewelry in the backseat, which were left unaffected.”

Dickinson claimed that Trump’s vehicle had no valuables in its back seat.

trump John F. Kennedy Jr. in an bookstore
Dickinson stated that JFK Jr. was “delightful” on the date, and that they shared one kiss.
Lawrence Schwartzwald
trump John F. Kennedy Jr., 1988.
JFK Jr. was killed in a plane accident in 1999.
Corbis via Getty Images

She claimed that there were no fur coats, jewelry, or mink coats in her back seat, or she would have seen them.[Newspapers] They claimed they were taken out of the limousine, but there was nothing.

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She laughed and said, “Maybe that he pulled a fast one for his insurance company.” We don’t know.

Dickinson said that it was okay to admit that she was driving Trump’s stolen car, since so much time has passed.

trump John F. Kennedy Jr., and Carolyn Bessette Kennedy.
Before marrying Carolyn Bessette Kennedy, he dated a number of famous women.
Getty Images

Dickinson laughed, “I’m going to not go to jail because the statute of limitations has over ten years.”

Kennedy was romantically associated with a number of beauties, including Madonna, 64, Daryl Hannah (62), and Sarah Jessica Parker (58).

Brooke Shields, who revealed this week that she had a one-time date with John F. Kennedy’s son Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis years ago, but refused to sleep with him as she was a virgin and didn’t want to break her heart.

Shields, 57, stated that he was in love with Shields and that if he sleeps with her, he may not talk again.

trump Janice Dickinson wearing a purple shirt
Dickinson was married four times.
trump Janice Dickinson, 1986.
Dickinson, seen here, 1986, describes herself the world’s first supermodel.
Getty Images

Kennedy Jr. eventually settled down and married Carolyn Bessette Kennedy in 1996. His wife, Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy, was 33 and he was 38 when he died in a plane accident on July 16, 1999.

Dickinson has been married four more times. In 2016, she married Robert Gerner, her current husband.

She was also married with Albert Gersten From 1995 to 1996, Simon Fields (1987-1993) and Ron Levy (1977-1979)

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