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Meta Masters Guild This is one of the most talked about topics in crypto news. Influencers predict that Play-to-Earn will see 50x growth in 2023. Meta Masters Guild has been described as the “future mobile gaming” and is one of today’s most innovative projects. Meta Masters Guild is the first blockchain-based platform for mobile games and offers a single solution for all your gaming needs. This is why experts expect huge returns from this incredible crypto-gaming platform.

crypto news Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG).

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Why Influencers Predict that MEMAG will Explode in 2023

Meta Masters Guild attracted a lot attention with its highly successful presale raising $1.5 Million in just a few weeks. MEMAGThe native token of the project, ”, has been a huge hit with investors. Developers promise that there will be more, so let’s find out what Meta Masters Guild has in store.

The MEMAG presale’s success is perhaps the best example of how much investors trust this project. Meta Masters Guild raised $1.5 million in a matter of weeks. This presale ended weeks ahead of schedule, and Stage 3 was completed weeks earlier than expected. MEMAG tokens, which cost 0.013 USDT each, sold out quickly.

The fourth stage of the presale is only days away. A new batch of coins will go on sale at a higher price of 0.016 USDT. The team behind Meta Masters Guild has arranged for seven stages. The final stage will be priced at 0.026 USDT. We are now close to Stage 7 and the end the presale. There is little time for investing if MEMAG continues selling at such a rapid pace.

How to Buy MEMAG?

It is easy to get your hands on this incredible crypto. First, you’ll need an electronic wallet. MetaMask, if you don’t already have one, is a good option. However, any wallet will work. A browser version is recommended as it makes it easier to purchase. TrustWallet is recommended for mobile users.

Once you have connected your wallet, go to There are three options available: you can buy MEMAG using ETH, USDT or with your credit card. Select the preferred method and enter the number of MEMAG you wish to purchase. You will need to have USDT or ETH in your wallet if you choose the USDT method. Once the presale ends, your coins will be in your wallet.

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Meta Masters Guild is a unified Web3 platform that offers a single platform for mobile games. It is the first platform built on blockchain. Meta Masters Guild’s greatest advantage is that all games will use the same currency MEMAG for all in game transactions, including trading and rewards.

A single currency is advantageous because it allows users to transfer their funds between different games without having to pay transaction fees.

Two major benefits can be derived from focusing on mobile gaming. The first is that mobile gamers are now the dominant segment of the gaming population. Mobile gaming has become a major sector of the gaming industry. It has seen a steady rise in popularity over the past decade. 5G technology will accelerate the development of mobile gaming and attract more users as it spreads.

Mobile games are also cheaper to develop. This is both in time and money. This will allow Meta Masters Guild quickly add new titles, while keeping their offer interesting and fresh, thereby attracting new users and maintaining existing users.

All games on the Meta Masters Guild platform are based on P2E mechanics which provide generous rewards for players. Gamearound is the first game developer to sign with the guild. It is currently developing several titles for publication on Meta Masters Guild.

Gideon Clifton, CEO of Crypto News Gamearound, stated that “Our goal to revolutionize mobile gaming by introducing fun-and-rewarding Play-to-Earn games (P2E), with Meta Kart Racers the first in the MEMAG launch series.”

The developers have made sure to include all the popular gaming genres in order to ensure that the platform attracts as many people as possible. This philosophy is evident in the games they chose for the launch collection.

Meta Cart Racers and Raid NFT are the first three games in Meta Masters Guild. Meta Cart Racers is a racing video game where players can race against each other for valuable prizes in PvP races. Raid NFT is an online fantasy fighting game that offers both PvE as well as PvP play modes. Meta Masters World, a metaverse-like area for guild members, is the final option. It is intended to be an exploration game with endless possibilities of exploration.

Some developers are trying to scam investors and users by using unsavory tactics such as rug pulling. The developers have gone to great lengths in order to dispel any doubts about the legitimacy and authenticity of the Meta Masters Guild project. Both the project and its team are audited by and verified by SolidProof And CoinsniperThey proved their intentions without any doubt.

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It’s easy to see how influencers believe this Play-to-Earn coin will reach 10x by 2023. An amazing idea, flawless execution, and a trusted team can’t go wrong with a project like this. Meta Masters Guild is a platform with the potential to revolutionize mobile gaming forever.

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