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How Mass. How Mass. officials are reacting

How Mass. How Mass. officials are reacting

to Trump’s indictment

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“The jig’s up.”

Rep. Katherine Clark Jose Luis Magana / AP. File

Massachusetts’ congressional delegation is reacting to the news that former president Donald Trump was indicted by a Manhattan grand jury.

This is the first time that a former president of the United States is facing a criminal prosecution.

Representative Katherine Clark, Democratic Whip of the U.S House of Representatives, whose district stretches across Melrose to Framingham, stated that the principle that no one is above law is fundamental to the strength and survival of democracy.

She stated that “we must allow the judicial system to continue unimpeded and without any form of interference or intimidation.” “This is not the time to be partisan, but for all Americans that act peacefully and have faith in the justice process.

According to organizers, a rally will be held on Friday at the Massachusetts State House. Participants are expected to support the “rule and law” and allow the justice system to follow the facts.

Below is a look at how Massachusetts elected officials responded to the historic criminal conviction.

Rep. Katherine Clark, Democratic whip of the U.S House of Representatives

Rep. Jim McGovern

“Despite Trump’s absurd rhetoric his indictment does not relate to politics. After reviewing the evidence, listening to witnesses, and looking at law, a grand jury determined that Trump likely committed a crime. It is hard to believe anyone would be so surprised. His campaign manager and deputy campaign manager, national security advisor, campaign lawyer, accountant, and chief strategist are all convicted felons. He was surrounded by a cult group of criminals, much like a mob boss. Now the jig is up.

“Fraudulently using campaign donations as hush money to cover an affair is illegal. Trump’s lawyer was even sent to jail for handling the payments. Trump deserves to be in court. But instead of calling for his supporters, he’s been calling against the rule and law. His behavior is sickening. No one is above the law in America. Blind loyalty to a disgraced former president who was twice impeached and has led an insurrection because he couldn’t lie or cheat his own way out of losing is more important than equal justice.

Trump’s campaign manager and deputy campaign manager, strategists, national security advisors, personal lawyer & accountants are all convicted felons.
He was surrounded by a cult criminals who took his fall–now the jig has started. My statement https://t.co/JgtqrfHwwM

— Rep. Jim McGovern (@RepMcGovern) March 31, 2023
Rep. Ayanna Pressley

Rep. Lori Trahan

Like most Americans, I believe that no one should be denied justice for breaking the law. Today’s grand jury indictment is proof of justice being blind to your previous profession, even though you were the former President. pic.twitter.com/G5Hf6EoZcr

— Lori Trahan (@RepLoriTrahan), March 30, 2023

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