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Former AG William Barr: Mar-a-Lago docs probe a ‘serious potential case’

Former AG William Barr: Mar-a-Lago docs probe a ‘serious potential case’


William P. Barr, former Attorney General, says the New York indictment of former President Donald Trump is weak and “opaque.” However, he believes that the investigation into classified documents at Mar-a-Lago presents a problem for his former boss.

Barr, a former Trump ally said that the FBI raided Mr. Trump’s Florida estate after a long back and forth over documents “which were not his”.

“I think he was jerking government around,” Mr. Barr said to ABC’s “This Week”, on Sunday. “The government is looking into the extent of games played and obstruction in keeping records from them. This is a serious case. They probably have very strong evidence there.”

Jack Smith, special counsel, is currently investigating the document situation in conjunction with his probe into post-2020 election actions taken by Mr. Trump and his orbit.

Trump claims that his possession of documents is exaggerated, that he didn’t commit a crime, and that investigators have launched a political witch hunt in an effort to shut down his 2024 campaign.

Complicating matters was the discovery of classified documents among President Biden’s materials in Delaware and at a Washington think tank office. Former Vice President Mike Pence also gave classified material that he had mixed with papers he brought home to Indiana.

Mr. Barr stated that Mr. Trump’s legal exposure could be related to Florida documents and whether he was too pushy to keep them.

“It depends on how sensitive those documents were, as well as what evidence they have of obstruction by the president and whether or not he directed people into lying or gave them deceitful information to pass onto government,” Mr. Barr stated.

Jim Trusty, one of Trump’s lawyers, stated that the former president’s team was open with investigators.

He told ABC that he found any information of interest at every step, even though it was probably not classified, and turned it over to the FBI or DOJ.

Mr. Trusty outlined a key argument by stating that the president can determine what’s personal and presidential, and that archivists are biased in going after Mr. Trump.

He said, “We’ve had some really bad faith in how this thing got started. The use of criminal investigative instruments for what is a civil matter.”

He stated that the evidence also showed “no obstruction.”

Barr believes the documents probe poses a real legal risk, but he is less impressed with an indictment that charges Mr. Trump with 34 counts of falsified business records related to hush payments to Stormy Daniels, an adult film actor.

Legal experts are questioning whether Alvin Bragg, Manhattan District Attorney, is using a new legal theory to seek a conviction.

Mr. Barr stated that he found the information put out to be very opaque. “And I believe if he had a good case, he would specify exactly his case, but he’s trying hide the ball.”

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