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Federal Judge Dismisses Mike Pence’s Spineless Attempt To Avoid the Grand Jury Investigating Donald Trump

Federal Judge Dismisses Mike Pence’s Spineless Attempt To Avoid the Grand Jury Investigating Donald Trump


Mike Pence He did a good deed on January 6, 2021 when he refused bow to Donald Trump‘s demands to stop the certification of the 2020 elections. Unfortunately, the country lost the opportunity to see the good deeds of the former vice president. Pence tried his best to help Trump win a second term in the days leading up to that day. The ex-VP has done shamelessly everything to ensure that his former boss is not responsible for inciting a violent revolution. He has defied a subpoena issued by the special counsel investigating Trump and has stonewalled the January 6 committee. Pence can’t bring himself to vote for the man who incited the “hang Mike Pence”, chants on Jan 6, and who just this month declared that the insurrection was over. It was all Pence’s fault.

As you can imagine, all this has been quite frustrating for a lot people, not least the federal judge who stated Tuesday that Pence’s attempts at evading the subpoena to appear in front of the grand jury probing Trump were a joke and that he must make it.

CNN and other outlets report on the US District Court judge James Boasberg Multiple sources familiar with the matter claim that “has decided that…Pence must give evidence to a grand jury about conversations he had Donald Trump leading up until January 6, 2021.” (The ruling is currently sealed. CNN reports that the ruling is a “major victory” Jack Smith The special counsel was appointed by Merrick Garland Last year, Pence was appointed to oversee the investigation into Trump’s attempt at overturning the election and his handling classified documents. Pence claimed that his conversations with Trump were protected by executive privilege which prevents him giving testimony about them. Last month, J. Michael LuttigA conservative former federal appeals court judge and the person whose counsel Pence heard about regarding certifying 2020 results–said that it was legally horseshit in an op-ed. He wrote: “We can expect federal courts to give short shrift to this ‘Hail Mary’ claim, and Mr. Pence doesn’t have any chance of winning his case before any federal court and avoiding the grand jury …..” The question is not whether he will be required to testify before a grand jury, but when.

Pence has the right to appeal the decision, and he will. According to a source, Boasberg also ruled that the former Vice President “can still decline answer questions related to his actions of January 6, when he was serving in the capacity of president of the Senate for certification of the 2020 presidential elections.”

However, Trump’s ex-number 2 must testify about their conversations leading up to the attack. This is a huge deal considering that Trump spent weeks trying to convince Pence not to block it. Joe Biden‘s win:

Investigators investigating the attack have been keenly interested in Trump’s conversations with Pence during the days surrounding the insurrection. Although Pence declined to testify before a House committee investigating the insurrection on January 6, committee members in Trump’s orbit shared details of a heated phone conversation he had with Pence that day, in which he made insults to his vice president Nicholas Luna, A former special assistant to Trump told the committee that he remembers Trump calling Pence a “wimp.” Luna stated that he recalls Trump saying something like, “I made the wrong choice four or five years ago.” Julie Radford, Ivanka TrumpThe former chief of staff to Trump was recalled by her as having recalled Ivanka telling her that she had “just had an upsetting conversation” with the vice president.

Pence’s memoir last year contains many of his public comments regarding his conversations with Trump during the days leading up to and following the insurrection. Pence claimed that Trump told him that he would incite hatred among hundreds of thousands of people because it was “too honest to try to overturn” the election results. In the book, the former vice president stated that he had asked his general counsel to brief him on the procedures of Electoral Count Act. Trump had “mentioned challenging election results in the House of Representatives” in a December 5 telephone call.

In related news, the last month. The New York TimesIt was reported that Ivanka andJared KushnerSmith’s grand juror subpoenaed Ivanka to testify. Although it is not clear whether the former first daughter or son-in-law will fight the ex-VP in a similar fashion, it is clear that Ivanka’s testimony will be of particular interest. She reportedly attended the Stop the Steal rally that preceded the attack in the reported hopes that “her father would not go too far.”

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