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Donald Trump Jr. Declares Ron DeSantis ‘Puppet of the Swamp’


According to Donald Trump Jr., Ron DeSantis, Florida Governor, is a “puppet of the Swamp”.

Trump Jr., the oldest child of former President Donald Trump, challenged the Florida Republican’s “MAGA” credentials during Thursday’s episode of his Triggered podcast. The remarks were made shortly after a DeSantis interview was broadcast on Piers Morgan Uncensored. This featured the governor taking aim and hinting at the former president, while also suggesting that he might run for the presidency in 2024.

“We have to ask ourselves if he was just lying all the time.” Trump Jr. said, “Was it ever that he was such a MAGA guy?” Or was it just convenient to the establishment? I don’t know. I would love to believe otherwise. However, looking at the last week’s events doesn’t seem like it will help.

He continued, “This guy is a puppeteer of the swamp.” “Thankfully, everyone seems to be realizing it. It’s all facts, people. Remember to believe someone who reveals their true self.

Donald Trump Jr. is shown at the left during a campaign event in Miami Florida for Senator Marco Rubio on November 6, 2022. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, on the right, is seen speaking in Des Moines (Iowa) on March 10, 2023. Trump Jr. called DeSantis (his father’s potential 2024 GOP primaries rival) a “puppeteer of the swamp” Thursday.
Joe Raedle; Scott Olson
Newsweek reached out to DeSantis via email for comment.

Trump Jr. joined his father in escalating criticisms of DeSantis amid a legal attack against the former president, and speculation that DeSantis might challenge him for the 2024 GOP presidential nominee.

Trump Jr. was an unabashed supporter DeSantis at one time, praising him for supporting his father “from day one” while campaigning for him in his 2018 gubernatorial race, which was endorsed the former president.

Trump Jr. lashed at DeSantis during an episode of Triggered earlier in the week for a “milquetoast” response to his father’s possible criminal indictment. He maintained that DeSantis is “100% controlled opposition” and in league “the billionaire donors”.

In anticipation of Morgan’s interview, the former president has taken shots at his primary opponent in posts to his Truth Social account this Week. He dismissed him Wednesday as an “average Governor”.

Trump wrote, “Now that Ron DeSanctimonious has finally admitted he’s in Race by starting to fight back and now that his Polls are crashed so he can no other choice,” “Florida has been a success for many years, long after I put Ron there… Ron is a big Lockdown Governor with the China Virus.”

When asked if he believed he had what it takes to become president, DeSantis replied in the affirmative. The interview was streamed live on Fox Nation and YouTube. The governor suggested that supporters “stay tuned” for an announcement about his candidacy.

DeSantis stated, “It’s humble that people have come up to me and asked me to make it happen or urged me to do so.” “So, keep watching.”

After being asked about his favorite nicknames for the former president, which included “Ron DeSanctimonious,” and “Ron DeSanctus,” the governor took a dig at the 2020 presidential election loser.

DeSantis stated that he didn’t know how to spell “DeSanctimonious.” “I don’t know what it means but I kinda like it,” said DeSantis. [it]. It’s very long and has many vowels. We can accept that, that’s fine.

He said, “You can call my whatever you like.” “Just as long you, you know, also consider me a winner.”

Updated at 10:17 p.m. on 03/23/2023 ET: This article has been updated with Piers Morgan’s interview by DeSantis streamed on Fox Nation, YouTube and YouTube.

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