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Chris Christie: The GOP needs someone who can take down Trump quickly

Chris Christie: The GOP needs someone who can take down Trump quickly


MANCHESTER (N.H.) — Former New Jersey Governor. Chris Christie stated Monday that Republicans need a candidate capable of taking out Donald Trump in one, brutal swipe similar to the one Christie gave to a rival in 2016.

Christie spoke in New Hampshire and recalled a favorite moment of his failed presidential campaign, when he embarrassed Marco Rubio on a debate stage just three days before the first ever-in-the nation primary. Christie challenged Rubio’s lack experience. Rubio repeated himself twice, a cringeworthy moment that Christie concluded by saying: “There it Is. The 25-second memorized speech. It is there, everyone.”

Christie said that Trump will not be silent and is considering another run.

He said, “You better have someone on that stage who can make to him what Marco did to Marco,” at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics at Saint Anselm College. “And that means you must be fearless because he will return, and right at your face.”

Christie advised that voters need to consider who has the ability and the guts to do this.

He said, “Because it’s never going to end nicely,” he added.

Christie’s debate moment was a highlight of his campaign, but he quit less than a week later after finishing sixth in the New Hampshire Republican primaries that year. He quickly endorsed Trump, and was a close adviser to Trump during his time at the White House. But he broke with Trump after he refused to accept the 2020 election loss.

Christie has emerged as a prominent Trump critic and has used his position of an ABC political analyst to argue Trump is weaker today than he ever was in the past. He accused Trump of leading Republicans down the “sinkhole” of anger and retribution Monday.

“Donald Trump stated a few weeks ago, “I am your retribution.” Guess what everyone? No thanks. No dice,” Christie said Monday. “He doesn’t want to be my retribution. That’s baloney. He is the only one he cares for.”

Saul Shriber, 67 of Chester, stated that he voted in Christie in 2016, even though he wasn’t happy with the response he received when he asked Christie: “When are you going down Trump?”

Christie stated that Christie had a timetable.

Shriber stated, “I thought, If there’s anyone on the stage who could chase Trump, it would him, the smash-mouth New Jersey man.”

Christie, who was reminded of Monday’s encounter, said that he and the other candidates made “strategic errors” in believing they would have a chance to face Trump one-on-one. Their campaigns collapsed quickly.

Shriber found this answer satisfactory and said that he would support Christie again.

He said, “If he chose not to speak to me truthfully,” “I’m willing and able to forgive.”

New Hampshire was the keystone of Christie’s 2016 campaign. The former governor stayed in New Hampshire for months and held dozens of town halls. This format made him famous in New Jersey as a result of his colorful commentary, spirited clashes, and often viral videos.

Christie stated earlier this month that he expected to make a decision within the next 45-60 days.

* This report was contributed by Jill Colvin, an Associated Press writer.

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