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Bitcoin Price Rises to 35% in 30 Days, but Ecoterra, a new cryptocurrency, offers a greener alternative in 2023

Bitcoin Price Rises to 35% in 30 Days, but Ecoterra, a new cryptocurrency, offers a greener alternative in 2023

Bitcoin (BTC), which has now surpassed $30k for the first time since June 2017, gives investors hope that the crypto market will perform better than expected in 2023.

Major altcoins are following BTC’s lead and we’ve seen Ethereum gain traction with a $1900 price on Tuesday morning.

Despite all the positive sentiment, crypto analysts are still skeptical that BTC will reach its 2021 ATH.

We’ve seen many influencers drop BTC this year due to environmental concerns.

There’s a new cryptocurrency that’s both environmentally friendly and set to bring in huge profits – Ecoterra (ECOTERRA).

This token raised over $400k in just a few days. Many regret not learning about it sooner.

Ecoterra: Fill bag

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Bitcoin surpasses $30,000 mark – What’s next?

The world’s most popular crypto has seen an increase of over 80% since 2023, when it was first priced at $16,000

Investors and crypto enthusiasts worried about the possible collapse of SVB banks and the impending recession will be relieved to hear this news.

But what’s the next step for Bitcoin?

While the $50,000 target seems realistic at the moment it is questioned by many whether BTC will reach the $69k ATH in 2021.

Even if it does, investors who invest now may only see 2x profit in the next months.

It might be worthwhile to invest some resources in it, but tokens that have the potential to bring 20-30x profit seem like a better investment right now.

Ecoterra is a green crypto that many industry analysts believe will explode in 2023. It’s one of the most promising coins currently available.

Let’s take a look at the details.

Bitcoin price 3

Ecoterra is a green alternative with 40x potential for profit

Ecoterra, a Recycle2Earn cryptocurrency platform, promotes the environment-friendly lifestyle by rewarding users who recycle goods and support the “green lifestyle”.

After downloading the app, users can scan barcodes on products before recycling to receive a certain number of ECOTERRA tokens depending on the type and amount. The app can be used to recycle glass, plastic and cardboard.

You will be rewarded for every time you use Ecoterra to recycle. Ecoterra relies on RVMs that offer Fiat-based rewards, adding value to the ecosystem.

All rewards earned can be spent in the app. Transactions will be stored on the Blockchain to ensure transparency.

Additionally, the app will include a carbon offset marketplace where verified carbon credit purchases can be made using ECOTERRA tokens.

Ecoterra is a crypto-recycling app that offers rewards. It’s also a platform that will revolutionize the recycling industry, help us offset our global carbon footprint, and bring huge returns to early investors.

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Democratizing the Carbon Credit Market

You can use the Ecoterra app to reduce carbon emissions, whether you are an individual user of a large corporation.

Ecoterra allows you to transfer carbon credits between two markets securely using the underlying blockchain technology. You can also transparently offer additional carbon credits to large companies that want to improve their image using the app’s trackable profil tool.

Major Partnerships Lead To a Greater Investor Confidence

Ecoterra has already secured deals with major brands to ensure stability and continuity for the project before its official launch.

Delhaize, a large supermarket chain, is the largest partner. It has already made plans for RVM infrastructure to be added to its locations to make them more accessible to all.

Other major brands that have partnered with Ecoterra include San Pellegrino and Heineken as well as Dr. Pepper. Their products are also included in the scannable database.

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Presale $400,000+ Raised In Record Time – Team Says It’s Just the Beginning

Ecoterra presale began just over a week ago and has already raised over $400k. This is a huge show of support from eco-conscious businesses and green investors.

ECOTERRA tokens currently have a price of $0.004, and will rise to $0.00475 once $800k has been raised.

The presale will likely end sooner than expected due to high interest in Ecoterra tokens. This is the best time to join Ecoterra tokens to be one of the most profitable early investors.

ecoterra presale

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Although Bitcoin has been the most secure investment you can make in volatile cryptocurrency markets, it isn’t the most profitable.

Ecoterra is the token to focus on if you want to be the next success story in crypto and see your bank account grow in the coming months.

Ecoterra will be fighting for the top spot in the most profitable crypto of 2023 with the Recycle2Earn idea and carbon marketplace, all supported by a team full of seasoned experts.

Now is the best time to get in before the explosion.

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